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"Trying to film musicians making music is a difficult thing. It's a little like making sausages. You shouldn't ever see how they're made." — Bono

by John "frkyu2" Kahler

Saturday April 2, 2005 Arrowhead Pond in Anaheim California U.S.A. Our third show of the Vertigo Tour. We didn't have tickets for this show. Craig had to work so I (John) arrived at the Pond around 2:30 in the afternoon. I parked near the huge U2 trucks. There was a long...long line for the ticket box office. Saw Nate whom we met in San Diego the night before opening night. Nate informed me that the box office had already opened and released tickets early. There were more than 200 people in line so I called Craig and told him it didn't look good. I walked across the street and there were ticket scalpers who wanted $300 a ticket for floors. Called Craig back and left a voice mail apologizing for not getting here earlier and that it didn't look like we would get tickets. There was a bar close by and I decided to try and drown away my sorrows. As I was walking in the pub a Latin fellow asked me if I had any extra tickets....I told him I was looking for floor tickets myself and he asked me how many did I need. He then fanned out about 8 GA's (he was a scalper) after a bit of negotiation I worked out a deal for $250 for 2 tickets. Now I was feeling great and passed on the drink and headed back to my truck when my phone rang...it was Craig and as he mentioned my message I left earlier I told him we were on the floor again and to get down here quick. Neither of our tickets scanned into the Ellipse this time. We hung out near the entrance and watched as lucky fans scanned into the Ellipse. I went to buy us a couple of beers when Craig called out and yelled to come over that we were in. Craig found a guy who scanned in but was with a large group of friends and they all couldn't go into the Ellipse with him. Craig offered the guy to exchange tickets and give him $40 for beer and the guy took it. By the time the deal was closed their was only one wrist band for the Ellipse left. So we decided to split the time in the Ellipse Craig would go in first and then come out and find me for an exchange of the wrist band and I would go in for the 2nd half of the show. The show opened up basically the same as Friday's show with U2 coming out with spot lights under cover of darkness all walking around the Ellipse catwalk. They then started the set with " Love and Peace or Else" off the new CD. The set list was about the same as Friday's set with a couple additions that were played in San Diego but not on Friday " Stories For Boys, the Cry Electric Co, Ah Cat Dubh/ Into the Heart made back in the show...U2 dropped I still haven't found and replaced it with Running To Stand Still. I took some decent pictures from outside the Ellipse and then some good ones on Adam's side from inside the Ellipse. All and All it was another Great U2 show. 3 shows down and 2 more to go in Los Angeles... No floor tickets for Staples show 1 but we have GA's for the 2nd show in L.A. ....more to come and I will post an extra set of pictures from the show

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