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It would be like the Edge giving one of his guitars away. It is not something which will happen. -- Bono, in court, on Lola Cashman trying to sell his Stetson hat, 2005

by John "frkyu2" Kahler

From Inside the Ellipse continued……Friday April 1, 2005 Anaheim Arrowhead Pond………………… This would be our second show of the 3 show old Vertigo Tour. Opening night (San Diego) we made it into the ellipse but for the show tonight we had nose-bleed seats behind the stage. I really wasn’t looking forward to that perspective after witness harmony in motion from right in front of the stage. Oh well we were guaranteed to get inside the Pond so half the battle was won when I obtained (off the internet) the tix off a guy in El Monte who had two extras. Early afternoon on Friday the day of the concert, I received a call at work from my bud Craig. He told me he had picked up 2 floor tickets for the show. I immediately found a friend Fred who could use the tickets we purchased from the u2.com fan club. I didn’t get off until 5:30 so I made haste to get home quick pick up Craig then head to Anaheim. We got off the freeway at about 7:30 p.m. to bumper to bumper traffic. I decided to go the overland route (back way) to the Pond and we ended up about a mile away in a condominium parking lot for $20 bucks. We double timed it to the stadium and as we were walking towards the GA entrance I noticed this tall slender woman all dressed in black. She had a shaved head and was wearing a head set that looked like two small red bull horns. Next we entered the arena and proceeded to scan our GA tickets. Craig went first and his ticket did not scan then I handed my ticket and on the screen popped up “ Vertigo “ and unbelievably we were both inside the Ellipse for the second straight concert. By the time we made it down to the floor and into the Ellipse U2 was only minutes away from starting. This time they started under cover of darkness. All 4 members of U2 came out onto the catwalk of the Ellipse each holding a large spotlight which they shined up into the vast crowd. There was music playing over the speaker system. A spotlight came on and Bono wearing a leather jacket with stars on the sleeves and Larry were out at the front of the Ellipse. Bone singing with a cordless mike and Larry had a tom drum and cymbal. U2 was opening differently than on opening night and it was great. They were playing off the new CD “Love and Peace or Else“. The Ellipse didn’t seem as full as on opening night and we could easily walk around the back close to where Bono and Larry were playing. At the end of the song Bono bent down and someone handed him a long white bandana which he put on over his forehead. Larry had left and walked back to the stage and Bono now had drum sticks and continued on the tom drum for the end of “Love and Peace” after the song ended Bono kept pounding away on the tom drum. Then all went dark and Edge, Larry and Adam broke into “Sunday Bloody Sunday,” I then made my way back close to the stage, on Edges side, and took some photos. (See Pix) The lights on the back of the stage were a shade of red when U2 played “Bullet the Blue Sky” in the middle of the song Bono put on a small blindfold that had a Star of David and some other markings that I didn’t recognize. Bono then slowly reached for the microphone stand and started to sing a few verses from the song “Hands That Built America” ending the song with “Johnny Comes Marching Home” all along while the rest of U2 continued playing the music to “Bullet the Blue Sky” it was great! Then the lights went out and Edge started playing the intro to “Running to Stand Still” This was great because I had never heard this song live before in 8 previous shows I had been to. The lights came up and Bono was playing the harmonica opening to the song. After the “Running” ended a short film clip on slavery was played on the screens behind the stage. Then U2 broke into “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” I was really jazzed now as this is one of my favorite songs. Bono took the crowd up front a notch as he started jumping up a down a few times. Then Bono went on a walk around the right side of the catwalk around the Ellipse. Bono kept the crowd going as he started clapping his hands over his head. This song was played flawlessly and as good if not better than in the studio version off The Joshua Tree CD. This was another song they didn’t play on opening night and I had only heard live acoustically before. Next U2 broke into “New Years Day” Bono thanked the crowd for coming as Edge played the piano opening from the left above the stage. The crowd was really into this song and I made my way up by the ramp down from Edges piano to the stage to take a few pictures. Next they played a couple of songs from the new CD “Miracle Drug and Sometimes You Can’t Make it On Your Own” which they played flawlessly. Then was “Beautiful Day” one of my favorites which got the whole place jumping. Next the crowd was in a frenzy when U2 played “Streets With No Name” it seemed the whole Ellipse was jumping up and down. Then Bono made an appeal to the crowd to take out their cell phones. Within a few moments the entire stadium was lit up with cell phone screens waving around. Bone then told the crowd how he used to call the White House but they wouldn’t take his calls and how now they take his calls. This brought a cheer from the crowd. Then Bono said something to the effect we are all have more power if we all act as one. Then U2 broke into the opening of “ONE.” This was truly a moment to remember as Edge played the song flawlessly as did the rest of U2. The song ended with a bit different vocal by Bono which worked. Then the lights went out and it seemed the main set was over as there was darkness coupled with a voice playing over the speakers saying only “EVERYONE” over and over again. After about 4 or 5 minutes a spot light was on Bono who was out on the right of the Ellipse catwalk for the beginning of the encore “Zoo Station” was played. Bono bent down to the crowd and someone gave him a Cowboy Hat which he put on for a moment or two then tossed back. Bono then walked on and gave a high five to a small child whom was sitting atop his fathers shoulders. At this time on my side of the Ellipse Edge was making his way around the opposite side of the catwalk to meet Bono. Bono continued out to the tip of the Ellipse and someone handed him what appeared to be a long stemmed Lily. Bono took a few steps with it then gave it back to the crowd. Edge then met up with Bono and they both sang into the cordless microphone. This song was played a step slow but because of everything that was going on it turned out great. Edge got pumped up and took his hands off his guitar and started pumping his fist over his head at the crowd. You got the feeling that this was something special to the band. Edge then made his way full circle back to the stage. The lights went dim as Bono completed his circle in the opposite direction back to the stage. Next Edge started playing the opening to “The Fly” which sounded great. This was awesome Edge was playing a solo with a Vertigo like (logo) guitar, Bono singing great, Larry tight on drums and Adam classic on bass. Then the song ended into darkness. “Elevation” was next with someone handing Bono a yellow lemon shaped poster then after Larry timing clicks of his drum sticks U2 broke full force into the song with the crowd really getting into it. Next was “Mysterious Ways” which started great and Bono brought it up a notch telling the crowd up front to jump up as he jumped up and down a few times. Then to my amazement Bono brought up the tall slender girl dressed in black with the red horns on her shaved head that we saw walking into the Pond. Bono then proceeded to walk her around the cat walk with the girl stopping for a bit and dancing behind him. He walked her around to the side where I was standing singing the song as they walked. This was great and the highlight of the show. Right before the song ended right in front of me the Girl started dancing for Bono as he sung the last verses of the song. Then when the song ended Bono asked her name and gave it to the crowd. By this time they were directly above me and the spot light shone down from above. Next it was like a ticker tape parade as U2 played “City of Blinding Lights” with confetti dropping from the roof. I really enjoyed this set list as it was a mix of most of the songs from opening night with a few great additions. Next U2 played “Vertigo” and the crowd erupted with cheer. Then 2 more songs from the new CD “All Because of You” which was a great sing along ballad and “Yahweh” which was great live as well. They closed the concert with “40” with Adam playing guitar and Edge playing bass. Then one by one U2 left the stage with Larry remaining to do a short drum solo all along the crowd singing “How Long to Sing This Song” Then Larry left the stage after waving to the crowd. Another wonderful evening with U2 was over …. What a great night! We now will do our best to get back on the floor for Saturday nights show….don’t have tickets yet but will be out in the morning to stand in the Box Office line….

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