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"I think the family is as strong as it is because of my wife, Ali. She is just really so cool." — Bono

by scott coombes

This was my first U2 experience,even though I had been a fan for several years.I remember how I felt listening at home to the 1989 live broadcast from The Point,Dublin on radio and wishing I was there.Anyway my dream came true,it is a surreal
experience to see my hero's in the flesh.I was so happy to be there.
When the screen turned blue and Bono appeared in front of the Euro-Stars it was such an amazing moment for me.The dazling imagery of The Fly was great.Everything felt so exceptional,until Adam tore into New Year's Day,the stadium went absolutely crazy.I still can feel my whole body shaking from the thundering bass.
The acoustic section was great Angel Of Harlem / Dancing Queen was a real special moment.But for me the song that will stay with me forever has to be Where The Streets Have No Name.When the stagelights lit up the stadium,the crowd went absolutely crazy,I remember looking around the stadium in complete awe.This is truely what being a U2 fan is all about.They touched me in a way that I could never have imagined,they still do 11 years on.Desire was a laugh,nice to see that a band as big as U2 can take a swipe at themselves and enjoy it.McPhisto was a crazy creature,I think Bono needed him at that time in his career,it was a release,I think it also helped to clear away some of Bono's demons.As we were leaving the show Bono and Edge were finishing off Can't Help Falling In Love,I had this overwhelming urge to show "Bono!",I heard someone shout "twat",they were right,but I had to do it,I just had to.

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