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We want to be like Van Morrison and make records for a few friends; and we want to be like the Beatles and reach as many people as possible. -- Bono

by David B. Schroeder

Enough has been written about the show, it was good..It always seems the first night of a 2 night gig that Bono is a bit more measured and calculating on how he's to approach the crowd and deliver his wares. Bono doesn't know how to to a bad show, but he wasn't totally off the hook, the way we like to see him. He got there night 2.

It was Paul McGuinness' birthday the day before and Bono brought him out, which was thoughtful. I'm hoping Horslips has gotten over the fact that Paul Mcs' recognized the inexhaustible potential and talent of U2 and testosterone of Paul (Bono) Hewson, and put his chips on them 35 years ago. It's been a great ride and good to see the evolution of this remarkable quintet..

Earlier in the day we watched as the band flew in on helicopters before entering the stadium. They were next shuttled in (4) 15 seat type passenger vans, you know the church bus type vans..not the usual glamorous Cadillac Escalades and that.
We were bummed they didn't stop, but as U2 fans we understand we're spoiled rotten already anyway. So, oh well.

I'm really posting this so I can add my pictures, I was in the pit 5 feet back center mic left..

Enjoy the pics..

David B Schroeder

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