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"Our job, if anything, is to connect in a way, to express something that's personal to us that other people can relate to." — Edge

by Sipemofo

After week or so off, the boys came back strong. Great energy to open the show with a tight trio of Boots, Mag, and Mysterious Ways. UTEOTW was electric as always. The flow slowed per usual with the middle set. Stay and Miss Sarajevo was played to perfection while Bono's voice hung in there for the high notes. Highlight of my night was the visual zoo that was Zooropa. Definitely took me back to '93. Moment was an unusual fit for me but as always, perfect as the shows exit tune. Brilliant show as always and hope night 2 has a few more surprises. Maybe The Fly insted of HMTMKMKM? Angels stadium was brilliant venue. Take the train!!!!

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