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PopMart live from Mexico is the best thing U2 ever did. -- Bono

by Lee

I knew it would be a beautiful day when we were catching our flight from Cardiff earlier in the day and the Taxi driver asked if we were going anywhere interesting? 'Amsterdam to see U2' we replied and the driver was gutted!

By the time we checked in to the Hotel and had a little visit around the cafe bars we got into the Arena as 'The Music' were playing! wouldnt have guessed mind as no-one was really paying attention! Snow Patrol didnt really do themselves justice (having saw them at Glastonbury in 2004, i know they can do better!)

And then they Came! Vertigo------Vertigo (quite a clever concept really! to start and end with the song (a full cycle!). Since this was my 9th U2 show i know they can play! and play they did! I Still Havent... and with or With... were beautiful in the dutch night! Wasnt Love Peace or .... a great performance! loved the Bono pounding the drums bit! What a shame for the sound though? Having been to Rotterdam in 1997 and Arnham in 2001 the sound in the Arena was terrible! and that was a shame really as i had three U2 virgins with me from Wales! and they were not blown away like i know they should have been!

Nevertheless! im sure i will be back to this great country when U2 tour in 3-4 yrs time! Thanks for reading! and Jayne, Julie and Heather! god bless U2

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