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"We've always treated Ireland and Dublin as a haven away from the rock 'n' roll madness that happens elsewhere. This is our land of reality." — Edge

by Tiago

Last Friday night, there was a moment that, in the middle of delightful euphoria, I involuntarily started thinking: Wellhere I amsurrounded by something like 50000 souls and, from where Im standing, looks like everybody is having a great time; I can see and ear my favorite band playing what by now is already the best concert Ive seen of them; right in front of me I have some of by best friends and in my back there are two beautiful Dutch girls enjoying it as much as I amWhat more can I ask?
In that precise moment, these two wonders pick me up and raise me over their shoulders while the screen was starting to display some African countries flags
Streets has been, by far, the climax of my three U2 live experiences and this timeUOOOOHHHwhat a viewwhat an emotionchicken skin allover my body
This moment is what Ill remember in the first place from that mind-blowing showthe princesses repeated the gift in the concert-ending Vertigounfortunately, after The End was displayed on the screen there was just time for Bye Bye (and how special that also was) and so its quite probable that this is my last opportunity to say to my favorite Dutch girls:
I just loved it!

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