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"Belief and confusion are not mutually exclusive. I think belief gives you a direction in the confusion." — Bono

by Yung Soo

I have not even heard of the band U2 until someone offered me a free ticket. I am from North Korea and we are not offered any thing western. My friend gave me the catalogue to listen to about 5 hours before the show. I listened to all of the newer albums first and I made my backward. I would like to thank my friend Sung Yang for translating my words into English so all of you U2 fans can enjoy this.

This was the first time I have ever seen a drum set. Sung told me his name was Larry and I was amazed at what he was doing with the drum set. He played these drums everywhere-the back of the stage and right in front of the circle. U2 fans have been calling this the ellipse. There was this other strange person walking around with a microphone and singing. Sung told me his name was Bono and he had a very nice voice. I had no idea so many people could sing and clap that loud. In North Korea, we see stadiums packed so people can collect food. People here were consuming food, drinking things, and being very loud. I was very shocked by the whole spectacle. Sung also spoke of a man named the Edge. He told the Edge is playing now. A song that struck my attention was Sunday Bloody. Bono put this bandana around his head and said Jesus. This was the only thing I understood about the show. I enjoyed all of the lighting and the images on the screen. I did not know that technology could do such things.

My favorite U2 song is Sunday Bloody because it seemed that U2 was very angry about something. I did not know what they were angry about. I clapped my hands because I liked the song.

I enjoyed the show very much and I would like to thank Sung for taking me.

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