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"A lot of people have nothing to say, and they say it all the time." — Bono

by gorby

I can honestly say the Dutch crowd was amazing you were litterally bouncing off the floor in the Ajax Stadium i have never seen or felt! an audience like it in my life not a single person sat for the entire show.

got there at 8.15 in the morning after having a quick recon the night before to find about 20-30 peeps caming out already!! (mutters crazy dutch)

anyway so to the show itself after the heat of the day and the complete lack of reguard for the fans health & safety by the security staff and by that i mean NO WATER!!! they made you pay 2.50 euros for a small cup!! absolutely scandelous!!! i must have lost at least 1/2 stone (* not that i couldn't do with losing it but thats not the point )

the show itself was nothing unusual setlist wise but the the reaction of the band to the noise and mood of the crowd it was a very special night particularly moving words from bono during one about the religious fanatism with the recent London bombings.

I mentioned right at the start about the crowd and how lively it was was forget feeling the bass imagine the ground beneath your feet moving i thought it was like a quake 10 - 15 thousands fans jumping like crazy for not just one or two songs but every other song i have NEVER expeirenced anything like it before. I'm only sorry i couldn't hang on for the other dates because i have a feeling that if they were playing around in Dublin for the 3rd night they will most definately do something special fri and sat nights. The band were totally taken back by the reception the Dutch audience gave them.

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