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All we can do is simplify, strip away and just make shiny, bright music. -- Bono

by maikel maes

I attended yesterdays concert in Amsterdam. My first u2 one.

The show was fantastic. As the okay/lousy-sound preshow Killers stated to what lay in store for us: "You have no idea". And right they were, as the visuals were overwhelming. Sound was ok, Bono's voice actually *better* than the NYC recordings I have, yet The Edge had to put up with a screetchy echo when he played high notes on his own. Base and drums were okay in our little fishbowl, that felt more like a sauna with the roof closed. The stadion is huge for Dutch standards: 50.000 people were there.

First time the Dutch weird accoustics kicked in, Bono actually looked surprised with the audience echo preceeded his slower than normal tempo in some songs ; ) Yes the atmosphere was there allright.

With many references to U2's social engagement the show provided enough times for goose-bumps and crying, while other songs provided dancing moods.

By the way ; - )

You might want to take Radar Love from your encore setlist...

It ws played allright, after the concert, from a CD, as it is from a well known (in NL at least) Dutch rock group The Golden Earring. Many Dutch knew the text by heart and were exceptionally loud indeed in singing along. By then U2 had already left the stage : )

best regards,

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