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"We can write songs about God and have them right next to songs about girls. I think we weave God, sex and politics together in a way that's very unusual to white music." — Bono

by Trevor Harpe

OK Lets get the gripes out the way - the acoustics in the Arena are known to be a bit off but we knew that before going.
Once we got over the sound, it was a great show.

In block 407 up in the rafters very near the front of the stage we were concerned we were going to have a side on view of the speaker rack, but when we got there - we could see everything (even if it was only 3/4 of the big screen)
with a full view of the stage and the band.

[Makes a nice change seeing the stage from above, having been on the pitch (GA) at Manchester - you get to see all the stage effects which you don't get to see on the field.]

The GA atmosphere down on the floor looked amazing especially during Vertigo x 2, IWF, SBS, WTSHNN, Pride,The Fly,Elevation,ISHFWILF,NYD,City of Blinding Lights ... er ... that's practically the whole gig :-)
Also, first time I've ever seen a stadium packed up to the very back on the pitch.

Don't mind the fairly standard set-list - it worked well for an enthusiastic Dutch crowd, but then again I wouldn't say no to a bit of Gloria, EBTTRT, Mofo, Ultraviolet, Electrical Storm, Wire etc. etc. and of course ... Rejoice.

Roll on Saturday - "I can't say where it is but I know I'm going".


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