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"There are still some wild, unorthodox, unpredictable, furry animals to go in this zoo." — Edge, on the Zoo TV tour

by Remy

This was my first U2 concert experience and what can I say? It was awesome! It's difficult to describe my feelings right now, so I'm not gonna try that.

First of all the traffic was really bad, we arrived at the Amsterdam ArenA about half an hour before the concert started so we missed the support acts, but that wasn't a problem. The crowd was really great tonight, a couple of waves before the show started and when the Arcade Fire - Wake up song started the place went nuts, we all knew that it was going to start. Missed the "everyone's" though, U2 came up before Wake Up was even ended.

The setlist was the standard setlist used this European leg but it flowed very well. Highlights for were All I Want Is You when Bono took a girl on stage and dances with her, Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own with the opera bit at the end, sounded great, Bono's voice was great tonight, couldn't sound better. Also Running To Stand Still was really an emotional highlight, I believe it was dedicated to Theo van Gogh, a Dutch man who was killed by terrorism last year.

The roof in the Arena was closed, but the roof came almost down during SBS, Pride, Streets and the Vertigo in the encore, everyone was singing, clapping, jumping, the crowd noise was sometimes louder than the music, great! Happy Birthday singing for Anton Corbijn before One was funny, despite the fact Anton's birthday was a week of 5 ago I believe.

The bad things about the show were the accoustics, I couldn't hear Bono all the time, and the Arena was complete dark in the beginning of the encore which was a bit late, so the amazing light show was only really good at the last part of the show. But after all the show was really great, a great night, great band, great crowd, one of the greatest nights in my life, a u2 concert is so much more than just a concert. Can't wait until saterday for my 2nd show and the 3rd show in Amsterdam!

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