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"A song of ours that relies on its studio production to work is generally a song we play once or twice and never play again." — Edge

by Emile Blokland (Blokkade)

Absolutely great fu***ing SHOW!
I've had my share of U2 Concerts and saw one Vertigo before. Listened and watched so many Shows and Vertigo's at home but this was Exceptional.
Off cousre it was in my hometown, sort of speak, i live not exactly in Amsterdam, but seeing my 4 friends from Ireland for the 1st time here was a good thing as it is but the show was Excellent nevertheless. 16 Years since they played here as you will all know.
Its a known fact that the Acoustics of the Ajax stadium, the ArenA is not too good, but compared to other concerts i attended here it was acceptable. good even.
I won't get into details cause i reckon you will all see or saw the show. Don't pay any attention to other reviewers of fans who have seen the show so many times so it was the 1653th episode of sesame street they've seen. I respect all fans who are so dedicated they go to each show. but keep in mind for some people its a one in a lifetime thing.
so if you ever will experience U2
Experience a Vertigo

I'm up for the next 2 gigs in Amsterdam, Off course i enjoyed some elevation gigs but this is way much more fun then 4 years ago, Let's what will happen

greetings, Emile from Zaandam
Blokkade for all my U2 friends across the Globe


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