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"The emotions that are on this record are very abstract, out of focus, fragmented, its words are gray. But that is exactly what it should be." — Bono, on War

by mrmac

Wow.. just got back from Amsterdam.. This was my first Vertigo tour show. And although there were only a few small surprises (some different snippets, of which I only caught Golden Earring's 'Radar Love' at the end of the 2nd Vertigo.
Even though the setlist was the standard setlist, Me and my friends had a blast! Great show, great intensity, loved the crowd interaction, loved bono's little speeches!
Before running to stand still Bono made a short speech in which he referred to mr. Theo van Gogh (dutch filmmaker who was murdered my a muslim-extremist) and the City of London because of last thursday's appaling bombings... this speech literally gave me chills all over!

So in short.. great show, great! atmosphere.. pretty louse sound.. and no surprises in the setlist... Will see them fri and set again! Can't wait!!

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