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"If you're writing songs, there are two things that you just don't want to write about — politics and religion. We write about both. No wonder we get into trouble." — Bono

by Tom Katsadas

This was the eleventh time I've seen U2 and the second time on the Vertigo Tour. First off, I want to thank the guys from ETS tours, especially Robin who is the organizer. If anyone is thinking of attending a future show, go to the ETS pre and post parties. The U2 tribute band, at the ETS pre and post parties from California "Electrical Storm", were incredible. These guys are spot on with U2's music. Joe "Hollywood Bono" and Bart "The Edge" are the coolest guys. Joe, if Bono ever leaves U2, you should be hired for the gig. Thanks for an amazing time. I hope to see these friends again.
My friend and I had tickets to Houston on Friday night and they were located literally one row from the back of the arena across from the stage. It was an interesting perspective to see the show with the beauty of the lights and the ellipse. It was a good show.
Forward to Saturday, we were lucky enough to get tickets in the ellipse(Robin, you are the coolest). I've had GA's in the past but this was my first time I was the ellipse/heart. And what an experience it was. I felt like U2 were my old friends and they were hanging around playing music in a small club. The day before the concert, my friend asked me what my favorite U2 song is. I said that is a hard question because it changes often. A few minutes later, I responded "Angel of Harlem." And to my surprise on Saturday, Angel was played with a guy from my hometown of Arlington, TX. Way to go brother, you nailed it.
The show was superb. This was the time of life at a U2 show and I hope It can be matched in the future with another show. Buffalo? Cleveland? Atlanta? I hope so.
I have to mention this again, thanks ETS tours for an amazing weekend!

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