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"She will not be worn like a brooch. We have a stormy relationship because she is her own woman." — Bono, on Ali

by Wildhoney

Just returned from Miami where I combined final U2 show and vacation to visit parents. Wow - I can't belive it's over! The final U2 show and I am sad, but happy that I was able to fly from Boston to attend. The show was great and U2 again elevated me. It is amazing how after you see pretty much the same show (6th time this year for me) that you feel like U2 has just blown you away - again. This show was a double dose of greatness for since I am a huge Garbage fan and have seen them in Boston five times. I have mixed feelings about the American Airlines Arena - it is huge and the sounds is not the best, but Bono and the boys again blew me away. I was concerned that Bono's voice would be strained since this was his third show in a row, and I think his voice was pretty tired, but Bono always manages to pull it off. As always U2 fans are the best in the world! I met some awesome guys from Brazil who flew in for this show - hey Luciano and Wagner - and sat next to an awesome lady from Peru (only here two months - this showed me that music is Universal). Some of the best moments for me were when Bono pulled the guy with the Joshua tree tattoo up and gave him a huge hug and said goodbye and when he again pulled up Jesus and handed him one of the Edge's guitars and they played together. Damn you have to love this band - they are so down to earth. This is the second best of the shows I attended the best being October 31st - Larry Mullen's birthday, but every show has been the best. Until U2 returns I wish all "Peace On Earth"!
Wildhoney (Ann)

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