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"I still think that rock music is the only music that can still get you to that eternal place where you want to start a revolution, call your mother, change your job or change your mind." — Bono

by the refugee

I am at a loss for words...The concert in Miami was the most surreal experience of my life. My husband took his life three days after I attended the first concert in Miami back in March...his last letter to me quoted the classic, With or Without You...he was a huge U2 fan and I guess by attending 12 shows, I felt a little closer to him. I have taken leave from my pain during the past 9 months by celebrating humanity with the men from Ireland...they have given me more peace than I can describe and more hope than religion.

The show in Miami was so powerful...Bono put his heart and soul in his music...invited 2 of his devoted fans on stage....The Edge is truly gifted...I am in awe of his amazing talent...Adam is just plain cool...and Larry rocks!!! Each member of the band celebrated life and showed their enthusiam for their work...it was a special moment to be a part of...U2, your music has blessed my heart.

I have taken my kids with me to several shows..Shelby has seen 4 shows and Kyle,16 yrs old, was at the tip of the heart in the Meadowlands...he even commented that U2 was better than Dr. Dre!!!! and my 7 yr old daughter loves Elevation...we jam to it in Car Pool on Monday...4 2nd graders shouting "mole digging in a hole'

I almost didn't go to the show...but last minute..I couldn't resist...so Shelby and I jumped on a plane...did the GA line which was very cool..I am floored by the quality of fans...the sheer kindness and sincerity of the people that cherish U2...was number 69 in line...and I had the time of my life...I dyed my hair wine red for the Oakland show...and I think I am going to keep my U2 fire hair...as a memory.

I love the band and their music. Their message touches my heart and reminds me that our world can be a great place....the fact that the band honors the people that lost their life in the 9/11 tragedy speaks volumes..I cry each time I experience it...I think of the terror and that each person on the banner can't come to a U2 concert and celebrate life anymore...I honor the band because they honor the truth...

The concert in Miami was exceptional...by far the best show I have ever seen...The music was incredible, the fans were amazing...and the city was festive!!!

Thank you Bono, the Edge, Adam, and Larry...We truly appreciate your spirit!!! The Elevation Tour was just what the world needed...thanks for sharing your music..

Sandy from Texas

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