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"I write songs about high ideas and aspirations and I admire Martin Luther King and John Hume, peaceful people, but in myself I'm capable of aggression of a really brutal kind." — Bono

by Gail

The show was a blast! Phenomenal energy from the band and crowd. As most of the highlights have already been mentioned by others, I'll just add a few details.

Regarding Larry drummimg with Garbage...Shirley "kicked" their replacement drummer off the stage and then asked the audience if there was "Anyone out there who could play the drums?" (like Bono used to ask the crowd, "Who wants to play my guitar?"). After asking this question several times, Larry finally appears to everyone's surprise and delight and they launch into "Only Happy When It Rains." Very cool and unexpected.

Regarding "Knockin' on Heaven's Door"...the lyrics Bono improvised were all about Michael Hutchence from INXS (it was "Jesus" Matt's INXS t-shirt that actually got him on stage to play guitar). The lyrics were very touching, but unfortunately the only one I can remember now is "A beautiful boy with a beautiful view of the world."

Thanks to Garbage, U2 and all the fellow U2 fans for a great time. A personal thank you to Larry for handing me one of his sticks at the end of the show. It took quite a bit of effort on his part to make sure that someone else didn't grab it away before he could reach over and put in my hand. I had been wearing a Santa hat during the show and held up a sign that I made right before they let us in the venue that said, "LARRY: All I want for Christmas is two sticks!" Thank you Dollar Tree for the hat...it's the best buck I've ever spent!

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