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"To live off your emotions is a necessary evil if you're a singer, but it doesn't make for an easy life." — Bono

by Turbs

My eighteenth Elevation show was definitely memorable for many reasons. Unfortunately one of the reasons was the bummer ending when the houselights came immediately on after Walk On (no problem), then were turned off (awesome! they'll play 11 O'Clock Tick at exactly the stroke of 11PM), then were turned back on after a couple of minutes (what the f..k!!!). Obviously I can't blame U2, but whoever was responsible for that should be fired. Enough harping on the negative! Pre-houselight fiasco, the show was one of those amazing nights. Contrary to what many people are saying, Bono came out of the gate like a bull. I've never seen him put so much energy into Beautiful Day. He gave more from the beginning than I've ever seen him give. He knew it was the last night, which is kinda bittersweet for everybody. Other highlights were the inclusion of Mysterious Ways, Out of Control, and In God's Country. Knockin on Heaven's Door was entertaining, but as a cover it belongs to Guns 'n Roses. The cover that belongs to U2 is People Get Ready. They've made it their own song and it was amazing to hear it in Vegas. As always the show took the predictable turn starting with Bad. The Streets/Still Haven't Found/Pride ending is beyond cliche, but they obviously want this leg of the tour to be more powerful hence the carefully chosen setlist. The encore with New York is great, but when they decided not to leave the stage after New York I thought they'd do something different. However, once I saw that green guitar given to Bono I knew the predictable One & Walk On were to follow. Those songs are always amazing so I wasn't too upset. Then as I mentioned, the person in charge of the houselights totally messed with everybody's head. It was a downer of a way to end the best tour from the best band. Oh well, hopefully there's a chance that I can be re-elevated in Europe next year. I need better closure than I got at AmericanAirlines Arena!! I can't go out like that!!

Thanks to IB for being there in NY, Montreal, and Miami!!! See you in Holland!!!

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