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The entertainment business is videos and TV and all that glitz and glamour, but musicians are about something else, about communications, about feelings, emotions. -- Adam

by Gabriel

And so closes another chapter in the history of the greatest band on earth.

Just returned from Miami which was a great show, perhaps not as emotionally charged as my NJ 10/28 experience but a great show nonetheless.

I very much enjoyed the songs played that werent played at other shows, and tho Bono didnt pull me up to sing with him (I had the sign that asked him to let me sing 40/MLK/BAD/WOWY/ANY U2), I sung every lyric from the crowd with all the intensity I could muster. More than once I saw him look down at me (I was close to the rail) as I sang word for word with him.

I dont know how to describe the last month of U2 experiences for me. My first show ever was in NJ, even tho Ive followed U2 all my life. Now I just cant believe that my chance to catch all those other experiences like the UF and JT tours has passed me by irretrievably. All I can say now is that I will devote the rest of my concert going lifetime to seeing every possible show the boys put on.

If there was anyone who met me at the show, my name is Gabriel I was the guy with the homemade U2 tank top with the suitcase logo on the back, I would love to hear from you and try to correspond once in a while. Any news of an audio or video boot would be greatly appreciated as well.

Finally I just want to say a big THANKS and HELLO to the following people who helped make the experience memorable:

- the Event Staff at AA Arena who not only honored the decent and orderly line we were in, but enforced it! These guys were class acts.

- Brett who kindly let us use his cooler for beer storage

- Lisa from Boston who shared her Slane experiences and photos with the band

- Mark who travelled with us and helped ensure the heart line success

- the organizer of the heart line (sorry you fine lady, cant remember your name)

- all the friendly folks we met in line and partied with all day (again, sorry if I cant remember everyone's name but you were all Beautiful People)

- my wife for putting up with all my excitement and coming along with me to see what all the fuss was about and for making me a great t-shirt while we waited in line

- last but not least, U2!!! You have been a BIG part of my growing up and adult life, and I will love you guys always. Bono, Larry, Edge, Adam, if any of you happen to read this please be assured that you are loved as brothers and respected. I truly admire all that you have done and the human beings that you are. Enjoy the next days and months back home with your families and may you draw ever closer to them and enjoy their love over the holiday season. God Bless.

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