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"The problem with voting is that no matter who you vote for, the government always gets in." — Bono

by Ally

Miami was AMAZING! perhaps the most enthusiastic crowd i've witnessed this whole tour- right up there with the NY 10/24 crowd, and maybe even surpassing them! you just know the crowd is going to be good when they start doing The Wave before U2 comes on.
i've been in the heart 11 times on this tour, and this was by FAR the most enthusiastic crowd i've encountered. what's interesting is that they capped the heart at 150 fans, so there must have been tons of VIPS there. i know that steve buscemi and elvis costello were both in the Heart. elvis has been to a BUNCH of shows this tour- he must be turning into a U2 groupie!

elevation was amazing- everyone in the heart was jumping *so* high, and the band was really feeding off the crowd's energy. in god's country was beautiful, and the harmonica solo at the end was SO cool. Mysterious Ways was awesome- especially when edge took both hands OFF the guitar and just started dancing in the middle of the song. the tatoo guy (dan) got pulled up during stuck again- it was his third time onstage this tour. my friend matt got pulled up to play guitar on Knockin' on Heaven's Door, and did a great job. bono even referred to him as Jesus, which was too funny because everyone who knows him calls him Jesus, too! (if you saw what he looked like you'd totally understand!). all the guys were in a great mood... adam was smiling and laughing the whole time,a nd someone told me that larry was drinking beer the whole night (not water!).

one other note: there was a professional photographer following the band around onstage all night. just before the band left the stage for the first encore, bono grabbed his camera and took photos of the fans.

oh, and larry on drums w/ garbage was AWESOME! a complete surprise! i saw edge watching it from dallas's underground area of the stage.

all in all, a WONDERFUL ending to the most amazing tour.

as for future plans, 2 of the bodyguards said that the band will tour europe next summer... get your passports ready!

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