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"Joy in our group comes out of vowels, words with very few consonants, words that form when you're singing." — Bono

by Rochelle #3

After waiting three weeks for this show it is already over and have even been a few days ago. Which is really hard to believe.

I arrived at the arena on Thursday evening at 8pm was third in line. I and 89 fans spent the night. I helped #2 person in line with the organized fashion for the GA line process. It went so much better then last April. I was going to fight for a more organized process due to what a head ache it was for me last time.

I was the first girl to be searched and finially got into the heart where I took my Rightfull place dead center stage in the heart. Right infront of the man BONO. What a great show. No dought boarded onstage they performed much better then I thought they would it was really fun to see them. Since all I listen to is the sweet sounds of u2. In the middle of there set list the two black guys in the group came over to sing and grabed my hand then came back around and grabed it again. Then stared at me a little longer. I think they thought I was cute and flurted with me. Then I High fived Gwen. It was fun. Then at the end the drummer stood up from the drum set and took off his shorts revealing his G string sparkle brief. Nice!! Not! He is a weirdo. My friend said in SLC he wore adult dippers. I rather have saw the dippers then his buns in a G string.

When the music changed and U2 was boarding on stage I was so thrilled I have never been so close in a U2 concert before. It was cool to see Bono, Edge, Larry and Adam that close. I could grab bono's leg if I wanted to get kicked out. That is how close I was. The fan Bono chose should have been a different fan named "Roman". He wanted to play Standing still on acustic he had some cute things to do with bono if he gotten the chance. But He chose Amy from SLC. She was alright. No she didn't make that song up. It is a cover song. But in the begining Bono was grabing for my hand but other fans grabed his hand so I only got a tip of his fingers. Then he looked at me and through me his water bottle but other fans near me grabed it out of my hands. Which I don't care I wouldn't have kept it. But I did get to shake The man "Edge"! O-yeah! He is the greatest gutiar player ever. But It was cool so see the whole show so close. Those two kids in the end one was a boy who got to strum Bono's gutiar. The little girl knew right were bono was and sung along. I still don't get the point was to pull them on stage when Bono didn't even take there little message in there hand that they hand wrote for him. But it was cool that they strumed his gutiar. But it seemed bono was too invold in finishing Walk on to pay more attention to the kids. When he was singing Kite he cryed over and over about his friend who killed himself. It is great to see a grown man cry in times. Bono has a lot of feeling in every show.

It was over all a great night. Thanks to Roman and Guy #2 in line for organizing the Ga line so we didn't get screwed like last April.

Thanks to U2 and all the fans in the Ga line for respecting the list and Thank you America west arena for following the list.

Hope all the rest of the concerts in this leg is as good as this show was. It ended my last show with a Bang!

Fellow fan, Rochelle

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