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"Great ideas are like melody lines to me. I'm attracted to ones that have a force and clarity and feel inevitable." — Bono

by Molly

Ok, 2 days later, and I'm still on cloud 9 from the best night of my life!!!
It was my 4th concert on this tour, and can you believe it- my FIRST time in the heart. I was so pumped, the wait in line went by surprisingly quickly. The process went pretty smoothly, contrary to last April's concert (from what I've heard). Soon, my two friends and I found ourselves one person away from the rail on Edge's side of the stage!! Being 66 in line, I thought this was absolutely awesome.
After a looong wait, No Doubt came out rocking the place. They give the crowd so much energy, the entire heart was jumping in unison. Tom, the guitarist, was smiling and laughing at us the whole time, and after the set, he threw picks to each of us!! And it was all because my friend held up my sign that I'd made for Edge. It said (creatively): May I have a pick? :) Well hey, it worked w/ Tom didn't it?
After No Doubt finished, and Sgt. Pepper's came on, everyone started cheering and getting riled up. Then, the band actually walked out, right in front of me. I was freaking out!!! I'd never seen them up close!!! It was awesome!!!
So they start playing and everyone is going crazy...it rocks. During BD I think, it was insane. Adam came all the way from his side of the stage and stood RIGHT in front of us!!! He posed for pics and smiled at us, then walked right back!!! We were loving it! Adam is so cool!
Out of Control was great, a lot of energy. Soon Bono starts talking about Phoenix, calling it a "miracle city" and how much they love it here. Being a resident of AZ, this made me so proud! :) Ok, when Edge started strumming out the intro to In God's Country, I flipped. I couldn't believe it!!!!! In God's Country!!! "We haven't played that in like, 15 years." Just for us!!! Thank you! Then they pull up the girl, Amy, I believe. She gives ono the lyrics for I Shall Be Released, and eventually they get into it. It sounded great to me! Amy was awesome! If you're reading this, I got a really good pic of you!
Ok, and then comes the big thing for me. I believe it was either during I Still Haven't Found (great BTW) or Pride, and I'm holding up my sign. By this time I've moved up to the rail, and I'm just holding it at waist level. Well a couple times, I guess Edge looked at it and smiled. So I'm singing away, and suddenly, one of the bodyguards comes up to me and pushes my sign back over the rail at me. I thought he was mad or something, but then he takes my hand. I look down, and he is pressing EDGE'S PICK into my hand!!! My eyes grew huge and I said something like "Oh my God!! Thank you!!!" He just made a mock face of my surprise and smiled saying "you're welcome." My friends and I were jumping around and just freaking out. I couldn't believe it! Thank you so much Edge!!! I have his pick! YEESSSSSS!!!
Woo, ok. Next, Bono spoke about Michael Hutchence, and said something about "Never letting your friends go," before he went into Kite. It was really touching! Then after the encore came BTBS. All I can say is- Edge. Wow. ;)
It was really great hearing All I Want is You. Love the "All I want is yooouuuus!" lead into Streets. Which rocked,naturally. Cried at One of course, then, we actually got 2 full verses of Peace On Earth before Walk On. Great!! The two girls (Boston's Db9's daughters:)) that were pulled up were adorable! And of course, in a great, great moment for AZ, who should walk on stage other than Randy Johnson!! Holding the World Series trophy! Everyone went wild, as he confusedly walked around the heart. We were so proud! When he returned to the stage, Bono took his hand and stood on top of a speaker, to try and get even w/ his enormous height, haha. It was great! Bono started praising Phoenix again! I think they really do love that city :).
And as the band finished up their Hallelujahs, and shaking hands, Edge came right over to us and shook each of ours!! Yeah! I was ecstatic! Ok, I've rambled enough. This concert was the best I have ever been to, and basically the greatest experience of my life. I wish I never had to come down to reality! Thank you so much U2 for giving us such a wonderful, beautiful, rockin' time!!!!!

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