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[T]he developing countries have had enough of charity they want to get off the nipple of aid and stand up on their own merit. -- Bono

by Justin Harris

Well we got from second row from the top of nose bleed in section 213 to three rows back from the front where the boys came out. Not bad in my opinion.
Got some great pictures of Edge at the keyboard but Bono kept moving. Hope the shots turn out.
I dont think I yelled as loud last time they were here. My throat hurts from singing.
In Gods Country kicked. Such a great setting for such a great song. There were two little kids pulled up on stage at the tail end of Walk On and they were singing all the words and the boy strummed Bonos Green Acoustic a few times. I cant wait till my two year old is old enough to go.
Bono made eye contact both before and after the concert. The boys were all stripped when the came out of the control area under the stage and were wearing robes like the one B wears on Pop Mart video. Bono looked up and waved. I should have stuck out my hand he was close enough to shake it.
Altogether a fabulous show. If you havent seen it and get a chance RUN dont walk.

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