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[T]he hardest place in the world for what we try and pull off as U2 . . . is the U.K., where the arts and politics are very separate. -- Bono

by Daniel Burns

Wow the first time I saw a stadium show of U2 and it was huge. Have to admit though, I do prefer the indoor arena shows more. The indoor shows are more intimate.

This was my 3 show on the vertigo tour and thanks to relatives who live on oahu I had to be a this show. The light show was incredible, the sound wasn't the best I've heard, but good enough to represent the guys.

I liked hearing the new songs especially windows in the sky. For what it's worth I do wish they had played a few more tunes than the usual set list. I heard "Gloria" at the charlotte show and that was incredible. Other songs from Joshua Tree or Achtung baby would have been nice. Mrs. Sarajevo could have been dropped I don't know why it made it as long as it did, running to stand still was better.

I have to be honest I liked the show, but I did think of the three I've seen on this tour it was at the bottom, and for a final show it could have been much, much better. At times they just didn't seem to have it together and that's just not like them. Don't mean to sound critical I always love hearing "streets" missed hearing "bad" which was dearly missed and I hoped One Tree Hill would have made it in there.

I'm looking forward to a new album and tour, and I hope its not too far off. Thanks Patti for being a good U2 buddy on the plane ride back to the mainland. Guys enjoy the time off, we await your next masterpiece.


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