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I quite like not having people who I don't know looking right into my eyes, as if they might find something out about me. -- Bono

by Ampeg Scrambler

We arrived at the stadium at 10:00am to wait in the GA line. On the whole it was well organized but after the first few hundred people there was no numbering system. So everytime the line re-grouped or shifted you'd gain or lose 20 spots. That proved crucial as we just barely made it into the front section of the floor. Once there though we were able to sit down and always get back to within four bodies of the B stage on Edge's side. Perfect.

Pearl Jam put on a great show. I've seen them a few times and they're not always a sure thing. The band members were all in playful moods and Eddie brought his A game. They weren't afforded U2's full sound volume though. The guy singing five feet away from me was louder than Eddie. Oh we'll.

After almost 12 hours of waiting U2 finally came on. You've probably already read the setlist which I found quite satisfying. Bad or One Tree Hill would have been the only things that could have made it better. Plenty of B stage action and a world class light show as always. Wild Horses could have been a disaster with the fan playing piano but they pulled it off.

Billie Joe and Eddie/Mccreedy joining U2 onstage was awesome. I've seen U2 16 times and have only seen one other person join in (gwen stefani). Last night blew her efforts away.

Celebrities at the show included the cast of "Lost" and Jeremy Piven from "Entourage" near us on the floor. Flavor Flave was milling around the GA line for some reason. And Kid Rock and some of the bigger name surfers were also in the crowd.

All in all a perfect night and a fitting ending to one very long tour. Not sure how it will be topped next time but I know it will. See you soon.....

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