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"I still wince every time I see myself in that scene." — Bono, on his cameo in The Million Dollar Hotel

by Jason

After a long wait and several missed chances, I finally experienced a U2 show. The 24 hour wait in line was a drag and the crowd was overly protective about their spots in line. Everybody could have lightened up and had a few cocktails.

Standing dead center at the stage, the sound was crystal clear when Rocko took the stage. They played some oldies and it was fun. Then Pearl Jam came on and a sonic assualt was unleashed on the world. Like everyone, I know the hits and thought they were solid back in the 90's. Had this band stayed on a major label, they would be the biggest band in the world right now. The only band that I've seen come close in the last 5 years is White Stripes for pure rock and roll. I was stunned.

The U2 show came off without a hitch. Having been to only one, I could be wrong but the entire set seems very polished and predictable. Even pulling a guy on stage had a preconceived feel to it, especially since the chords were waiting for the band to follow along with on a song they obviously have not played much lately.

The highlight was definitely the encores since it lacked the choreography of the normal set. Billy Joe Armstrong brough pure energy to the set and Pearl Jam returned for the highlight of the night, "Rockin In the Free World" by Neil Young. The overall U2 show was flawless and one of the best I've ever seen but I have to give the edge to Pearl Jam as the better rock and roll band on this night. I'd love to see U2 rock a stadium in Springsteen style with less of a show and a bigger focus on the music.

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