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"It is when we are playing that we are at our most U2yness. I suppose in a way [it's] about purity, about the four of us and whoever the witnesses are." — Adam

by JRM

This was my 3rd U2 show (Pop, and Elevation tour right after 9/11 being the other two). It was fantastic! The show was filled with positive energy, and the crowd was wild. The music sounded great, and Bono's voice was spot on. He even did a solid job subbing in for Pavaroti during the opera part of Sarajevo. They mixed up the set list and opened with City of blinding lights. Daniel Lanois played guitar solo on One during an extended version. Where the Streets have no name was a big highlight. This song is so powerful live. He made reference to Africa and Louisianna during the intro.
A local band was pulled out of the crowd to play Out of Control. "You better be good, because I don't normally hang around tall people", Bono joked. In fact, they looked perfectly in control and relaxed jamming on stage with U2. Bono sat back while the singer played one verse, and then Bono would sing the next, while the guitarist jammed with the Edge...that was just amazing...something those guys will never forget. Who are they? A U2 cover band? Congrats guys, you were great!
Other highlights: Bono called on everyone to turn on their cell phones, and shut off the house lights...all you could see was tiny lights, and he referred to it as a new galaxy. The declaration of Human rights was read...and he flashed Paul Martin's number. "He's a good man. Canada needs to lead", Bono said. He also made reference to terrorism and said "they believe in ideas over people...well, we believe in people over ideas"

What a show. It was a long set, going over 2 hours and 20 minutes, thanks to a long encore.
Thank you U2 for mixing inspiring music with inspiring words last night.

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