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Boywas the opposite of machismo. I do think it's very unusual. -- Bono

U2 Concert: Feb 07, 2001 at London

Tour: Miscellaneous  
Venue: Astoria Theatre 
Location: LondonEngland 

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Attendance: 2,000

Releases Represented:

  1. All That You Can't Leave Behind had 4 songs
  2. Achtung Baby had 3 songs
  3. Rattle And Hum had 2 songs
  4. Pop had 2 songs
  5. The Unforgettable Fire had 1 songs
  6. Boy had 1 songs
  7. War had 1 songs
  8. Non-Album Singles had 1 songs
  9. Other U2 Songs had 1 songs

Comments: U2 play a "secret gig" at London's Astoria Theatre. Tickets are won via contest. Some of the many notable celebrities in attendance include Kylie Minogue, Naomi Campbell, Salman Rushdie, Mick Jagger, Liam Gallagher and members of Radiohead. Bono dedicates "Bad" to Sir Bob Geldolf, who is also in attendance.

Tags: Hear us coming, Lord

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