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To some people the church is their ticket to respectability, a certain bourgeois point of view, a safety net for when they go to bed. My idea of Christianity is no safety net, a scathing attack on bourgeois values, and a risk to respectability.-- Bono, 2002

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8 Concerts Attended

I've Heard 60 Songs a total of 195 Times

Pride heard 7 times.
One heard 6 times.
Bad heard 5 times.
MLK heard 3 times.
40 heard 1 time.
Mercy heard 1 time.
Yahweh heard 1 time.

I've Heard 62 Snippets a total of 124 Times

Ode To Joy heard 7 times.
Zooropa heard 5 times.
19 heard 4 times.
40 heard 4 times.
Burning Down The House heard 4 times.
Hold Me Close heard 4 times.
Love And Peace Or Else heard 4 times.
Words heard 4 times.
Blackbird heard 3 times.
Break On Through heard 3 times.
Here Comes The Sun heard 3 times.
I Can See For Miles heard 3 times.
Reverend Black Grape heard 3 times.
You'll Never Walk Alone heard 3 times.
All You Need Is Love heard 2 times.
Fool To Cry heard 2 times.
Gloria (Van Morrison) heard 2 times.
I Remember You heard 2 times.
Into The Mystic heard 2 times.
Invisible heard 2 times.
Live Forever heard 2 times.
Mother heard 2 times.
Ne Me Quitte Pas heard 2 times.
Rain heard 2 times.
Send In The Clowns heard 2 times.
Two Tribes heard 2 times.
A Day Without Me heard 1 time.
Amazing Grace heard 1 time.
Black Is Black heard 1 time.
C Moon heard 1 time.
Ca Plane Pour Moi heard 1 time.
Clair heard 1 time.
Fuck You, It's Over heard 1 time.
Get Up Stand Up heard 1 time.
Gloria (Patti Smith) heard 1 time.
Happy Birthday heard 1 time.
Jailbreak heard 1 time.
London Calling heard 1 time.
Movin' On Up heard 1 time.
No Regrets heard 1 time.
Norwegian Wood heard 1 time.
Please heard 1 time.
Relax heard 1 time.
Rock And Roll heard 1 time.
Rock The Casbah heard 1 time.
Stand By Me heard 1 time.
Summer Rain heard 1 time.
Walk On heard 1 time.
Whole Lotta Love heard 1 time.