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"[A]ll music is praise. It's praise to the god of your making. Which, in the case of a rock star, might be oneself. Or a woman. Or an idea." — Bono

U2 Concert: Jul 23, 2001 at Zurich

Tour: Elevation 2nd Leg (Europe) 
Venue: Hallenstadion 
Location: ZurichSwitzerland 

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Attendance: 13,000  (Capacity: 13,000)

Opening Act(s):

Releases Represented:

  1. All That You Can't Leave Behind had 7 songs
  2. Achtung Baby had 4 songs
  3. The Joshua Tree had 3 songs
  4. War had 2 songs
  5. The Unforgettable Fire had 1 songs
  6. Boy had 1 songs
  7. Rattle And Hum had 1 songs
  8. Zooropa had 1 songs
  9. Pop had 1 songs
  10. Cover Songs had 1 songs


News report:

Tags: Hear us coming, Lord

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