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"Anyone can be trashy and flashy. To be transcendent, you have to connect emotionally, and it has to be beautiful. Stadium concerts can be a Neanderthal experience. If we expect people to come, we've got to create the greatest show on Earth." — Bono

'Wide Awake In Europe' - U2's Next Release?


Although the latest reports have U2 planning to release a new album in early 2011 (see this Irish Times article), it appears there may be a separate release -- a live EP, perhaps -- on the way much sooner than that. Amazon.com currently lists a new single/EP titled Wide Awake In Europe with a release date of November 22, 2010. There's no track list, no mention of how many songs would be on the release, but it does indicate Interscope Records as the label. Wide Awake In Europe is also listed on Amazon's UK and Japanese web sites. In each case, though, the only version listed right now is a vinyl version.

The title is obviously reminiscent of U2's 1985 release, Wide Awake In America, a four-track EP that featured two live songs and two previously unreleased studio tracks leftover from The Unforgettable Fire sessions. Right before the European tour began this past August, Adam Clayton hinted that U2 was considering releasing an EP:

"We're kind of trying to break it up a bit. You know, the idea of doing another big record and going away for a long time doesn't appeal to us. But the idea of putting out tracks in the show and seeing what happens to them, maybe putting out a little EP at some point -- these are all possibilities we're thinking about."

We'll update this if we hear anything more. (thx to DS for the tip)

UPDATE: U2tour.de is reporting some more news about this -- it's a six-track EP of live recordings from the European Tour. It will only be available on vinyl and only in the U.S., where it's being targeted toward independent record stores. (Thus, the vinyl-only release.)