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"We allow each other to pursue our goals. I wouldn't want to be married to someone who was not happy with what they were doing with their life and Bono wouldn't either." — Ali Hewson

Welcome to the new @U2 website!


Welcome to the new @U2

Hello U2 fans,

Welcome to the new @U2 website! We're really glad to (finally) take the wrapping off the latest version of atu2.com and let you join us in what we think is a much better reading and content consumption experience all around.

This is our first site redesign in 10 years; the most recent version of the site launched in 2008 and has been largely unchanged over the past decade. This redesign project began way back in 2016 when we asked ourselves two questions: Should @U2 continue to exist? If so, what should it look like going forward?

We decided "yes" to the first question and then started throwing around ideas and creating our wishlist for what the site should look like. And by "look like," we weren't talking about just the appearance; we were talking about how our staff is structured, how we operate, how we communicate, our internal processes and expectations ... everything. It was all on the table. We changed the site's logo, which had looked the same since the late 1990s. We made a lot of changes to how we do things behind the scenes -- stuff that's only of interest to us.

The more interesting stuff is what you see today! We don't want to ruin the fun of discovery, but here's a look at some of the bigger changes:

Improved mobile experience

Trust me, we didn't like using our site on a phone, either. The pinching and squeezing and tapping just to read an article or view song lyrics? No thanks! We're using a responsive design now, so when you're on a phone or tablet, the content should adjust automatically to your screen size. (You may find issues depending on what platform, device, browser, etc., you use. We did a lot of testing, but obviously don't have access to every kind of phone on the planet. If you find something that seems broken, drop us a note.)

Simpler news reading

For years, we divided our news coverage into buckets like "Original Stories" or "Bits & Bytes," and we categorized things into topics like "Song News," "Band Interviews," "Reviews," and so forth. On our home page, some news would appear in the Bits & Bytes section and other news would appear in "The News Today" section. Oh, and we also put some content on our blog, which exists on a totally separate domain (atu2blog.com).

Confusing much?!?

We think so. With this new @U2, we're eliminating all of those buckets and categories and simplifying things. You'll find the most recent news on our home page, and then a longer list of stories on the News page. There's also a search form there that's simpler than the search on our previous site -- keyword/year is all you need to know to find articles in our archive that goes back to 1978. Gone are all the categories and topics and separation of content. In fact, we're done with the blog, too. If there's something U2-related worth writing about, it'll go on our site, not a separate blog/domain. (And in the coming months, we'll be bringing the best content from our blog archives to our main site.)

Improved Lyrics section

We've added bigger and more visually appealing cover images throughout our U2 lyrics section. There's a new search field (in the right column on desktop, or after the main content on mobile) that'll let you type a word and find which songs have that word in the lyrics. We've also begun an expansion of the Bible References of our lyrics section, and that should be fully complete in the very near future.

New Calendar

We've updated our U2 Calendar section in both form and function. For starters, you'll notice that it's an actual calendar now, not just a list of events. If you look closely, you'll also notice that we've added an oft-requested feature: Events now display in your local timezone if we can figure it out from your IP address.

Completed Tours project

The launch of our new site also marks the completion of our @U2 Tours project that began a few years ago. Our Tours crew is continually looking to add new data and update existing data in that section of the site, but they've now completed the massive effort of listening to bootlegs from all known U2 shows that have bootlegs. We've updated setlists covering the band's entire career. When you see a setlist on our site, you can trust that it's as complete and accurate as can be. We've also moved the Tours content off its own subdomain (tours.atu2.com) to the main site (www.atu2.com/tours/), so there's no need for anyone to remember a separate URL.

On top of all that, we've made plenty of smaller improvements that we hope you'll discover in due time. (Here's one: We have twice as many "Soundbyte" quotes showing randomly on each page as were available on the previous site. And we're gonna continue adding more over time.)

Need your help

We have a ton of content -- more than 9,000 news articles, almost 2,000 concerts in the Tours database, plus all the lyrics, calendar events and so forth. We've moved all of this content into a totally new Content Management System (CMS) and our whole staff has been learning how it works over the past couple months.

It's entirely possible -- maybe even probable -- that we've missed a few things here and there along the way. If you find missing pages or links that don't take you where they should, please drop us a note so we can get things fixed.


There are a ton of thanks to go around. A U2 fan named Robert Palacios was instrumental early on in helping us with design ideas and inspiration. Our entire @U2 crew was helpful and patient and persistent as we began this process way back when and fought through the various challenges that cropped up along the way. And that describes the gang at OWT, too -- where we host and develop the site. Don and his crew had the often difficult job of translating our ideas and vision into workable features, putting up with a consistent stream of change requests, training us on a totally new CMS and so much more.

And, of course, thank YOU. Thank you for reading our website, listening to our podcast, watching our videos and sharing our content online with friends on social media or however you do it. Your kind words and support -- in all its forms -- over the years have kept us going for 23+ years. Thank you. We hope you continue to enjoy our work and this website for many years to come!

Matt McGee
@U2 Founder