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"There are still some wild, unorthodox, unpredictable, furry animals to go in this zoo."

-- Edge, on the Zoo TV tour, 1993

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@U2, April 19, 2013
By: Rashas


With over 7,000 items in our news archives, it's a safe bet you haven't read all of them! This month we start our look at 1989.

The Edge On Holiday, Propaganda

Edge: Off the early records my hits are definitely "I Will Follow" -- that recording was one of the classic singles of that period. It's really something. I looked at the old track sheet and we only used half of a 24 track. The drums are on 6 tracks, one guitar track, two vocal tracks, bass track. That recording was really minimal, really simple, and was done in a day, and mixed another half day. It was really uncomplicated and had a lot of energy...a real instant thing.

Pure Bono, Mother Jones

Bono: In the case of Live Aid, I wanted some way to make the feeling that people felt there visual: a symbol. So when I saw this African girl in the audience, she was shouting and shouting at me, calling and calling...I just impulsively jumped or fell over into this pit. She was being crushed, and bashed around a bit, and I just pulled her out. By holding onto this person, I felt like I was holding onto the whole audience.

The Making of a Legend, Hot Press

Neil McCormick: I feel like sparks are about to suddenly erupt from my fingers every time I try to write about U2. I fear I could go down in a burst of electrical activity. This isn't just history, it's memory. This is my life. Look at the youthful Bono and Edge, who knew what lay in store for them, for any of us, back then?  Sometimes, I walk into a stranger's room to be confronted by their picture, pinned to a wall. I always have to stop myself asking, "How do you know them?" Everybody knows them.

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