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"[T]hey failed to see that War was an emotional LP rather than a political one.

-- Bono, on Americans' view of the album

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[VIDEO] Adam Clayton talks to Dave Fanning at #U240Cleveland

@U2, September 27, 2016
By: Matt McGee


Chances are pretty good that you already know about Adam Clayton's surprise appearance Sunday at #U240Cleveland. It happened during our panel interview with Irish radio legend Dave Fanning at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, when all of a sudden a two-story tall Adam appeared on the big screen inside a crowded Foster Theater as we were interviewing Fanning.

He took over the session from there, spending close to 15 minutes asking Adam about the band's recent iHeartRadio Music Festival appearance and also getting very detailed about U2's album and tour plans. Adam shared his thoughts on what might happen with both Songs Of Experience and Songs Of Ascent, as well as how those two projects might impact U2's tour plans. It was, by everyone's account, a great interview. As I said when it was over: "I have three words: Best. Interview. Ever."

We expect to have soundboard-quality audio and video of the interview (as well as our Saturday podcast session with Dave Fanning) very soon, but in the meantime you can watch the full interview via our friend Beth Nabi's video below. Apologies for the delay on our end in sharing this -- real life, travel, etc., have been getting in the way.

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