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"The fact that we're not easy to digest means we're a lump in the throat, and a lump in the throat has far more guts to it."

-- Bono

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U2's 'Liner Notes' video now available on YouTube/Vevo

@U2, January 11, 2018
By: Matt McGee


U2's Liner Notes video is now available for general audiences on YouTube and Vevo. It features Bono reading the Songs Of Experience liner notes over a variety of mostly black-and-white and/or sepia footage, and also mixes in some live U2 concert video. Bono's audio isn't quite a word-for-word reading of the liner notes -- a variety of sentences and sections are missing here and there.

The film runs 9:30 and was directed by Matt Mahurin, who previously worked with the band on videos for "Song For Someone" and "With Or Without You." It was released with Songs Of Experience on December 1, 2017, but was originally only available to Beats Music subscribers. Now the rest of us can enjoy it! (International licensing issues, notwithstanding.)

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