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"It's a trap when you agree to being one person because when you step out of character with that, you look like a hypocrite."

-- Bono, on his Macphisto persona

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U2's Edge And MTV Spotlight Homeless Youth In Documentary 'The Break'

Program executive produced by U2 guitarist airs on MTV March 2 at 8 p.m.

MTV, February 29, 2012


U2 guitarist the Edge has addressed many social issues through music. He tackles a new epidemic — the growing number of homeless youth — in the MTV documentary "The Break," for which he serves as executive producer. "The Break" premieres Friday, March 2, at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

Today, over 1.5 million youth in America have found themselves living in various states of homelessness stemming from all sorts of circumstances. "The Break" introduces viewers to three young people who refuse to give in to the despair and overwhelming weight that landing on the outskirts of society has placed upon them. The documentary delves deep into the journeys of these three young individuals as they take steps to rebuild their lives once they are provided with the tools and guidance necessary to emerge out of homelessness and rejoin society.

First, viewers will meet Nancy, a 20-year-old woman who was involved in abusive relationships and has been homeless for two years. Nancy will need to regain her independence and change the behavior that has held her back throughout her life.

Then viewers will be introduced to Rob, a talented drummer who came to New York with dreams of becoming a star. After a downward spiral, Rob will have to clean up his act in order to get a fresh start and rebuild his life.

Lastly, Ava ran away from her conservative home after clashing with her family over her lesbian lifestyle. With the opportunity to receive training and experience, the academically gifted young woman will be inspired to pursue her dream of becoming a police detective.

Providing the trio with support is Anne Mahlum, the founder and CEO of the nonprofit Back on My Feet. The organization uses running as a vehicle to promote the self-sufficiency of the homeless population, providing them with support and resources to help them get closer to their goals. Back on My Feet helps Ava, Nancy and Rob finally have access to the opportunities to create functional, healthy lifestyles.

In addition to producing the program, the Edge also wrote the original song "No Home Like Place" for the documentary.

(c) MTV, 2012.

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