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"I've always believed that the spirit is a feminine thing."

-- Bono

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U2 Win iHeartRadio's 2016 Innovator Award

@U2, April 03, 2016
By: Sherry Lawrence


Bono and The Edge accepted the 2016 Innovator Award at tonight's iHeartRadio Awards ceremony in Los Angeles. The Edge, fresh off of his recent Ikea furniture assembly, stated that the future of music sounds like "rock and roll" during the band's acceptance speech. Bono said, "I guess a band still using bass, guitar and drums all those years after rock and roll was invented doesn't sound so innovative, but it turns out rock and roll has more to do with spirit than flesh."

Edge said, "I think that the thing that might be most innovative of all things about our band is that we are a real band. We are still in our high school band."

Bono and Edge thanked Daniel Lanois, Brian Eno and Brian Burton as innovators as well.

"Innovation. I think it's something about searching out the future before it's arrived, making the what might be the what is. I try to do that with the ONE Campaign with my lyrics. Edge too," Bono said.

Bono thanked iHeartRadio for playing "Every Breaking Wave" and "Song For Someone" on its stations, saying it was very special to hear the songs on the radio.

Edge dedicated the award to artists around the world who are in very difficult circumstances. Bono said, "Strange to say there are places around the world where making music is a crime, where you can go to jail for expressing an opinion, where you can get a punch in the face for just disagreeing with some politician somewhere."

Bono concluded his remarks by reminding everyone to "rock the vote," as the U.S. will elect a new president later in the year.

Bono appeared to be jet lagged as he was most recently in Cairo, Egypt, Gaziantep, Turkey, Jordan and Kenya on a whirlwind trip with the One Campaign over the past week.

Adam and Larry were not present at the awards ceremony.

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