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"I've nothing against synths, contrary to popular belief -- it's the machines who play the machines that worry me."

-- Bono

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U2 Videos & Photos: Boston 1-4

@U2, July 17, 2015
By: Matt McGee


The dust has finally started to settle on U2's four-pack of concerts in Boston, and we've got eleven videos and just under 200 photos (yes, 200) to share with you from all four shows. As usual, we'll start with the videos, all coming in from our YouTube channel. If you subscribe to our channel, you'll get automatic alerts with each new video we add. You can also follow us on Flickr to see our photos in your stream there.


Boston 2, July 11, 2015

Boston 3, July 14, 2015

Boston 4, July 15, 2015


Boston 1, July 10, 2015

Boston 2, July 11, 2015

(c) @U2, 2015.

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