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"Adam's always been kind of the most avant-garde and unorthodox as a musician." — Edge

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What one song from your catalogue would you rework given the chance? - @seamuskelly81

Edge: Get On Your Boots. Based on what we know about the song live, it could have been a much bigger radio song than it was.

Do you still go out together socially and when was the last time? - @AlexCornish

Adam Clayton: We do. We went to the Edge's 50th birthday party together [in August]. But at the moment that's a hard question to answer because we've been together a lot, so now we're getting used to living apart again.

Why did you drop songs from No Line On The Horizon during the tour? As a fan since 1980, I felt it was the best album you'd done... - @bashu2

Bono: Real simple: tempo. Sometimes great listening albums are mid-tempo and you don't often pull mid-tempo out in a live gig. It's why we don't play a lot from Zooropa or Pop. Unknown Caller is an ecstatic piece of work but it's not going to rock the house - same with Moment Of Surrender.

The Edge jammed with Jimmy Page and Jack White in It Might Get Loud: who would your dream jam partner be? - @ barry_webb

Adam Clayton: Oh gosh. I guess I would love anything that was with Sly & Robbie.

Larry Mullen: The Coen Brothers.

If you had to replace yourself for one show who would you choose to do it with? - @AtkoAtco

Edge: Ooh... very good question. The obvious one would be Johnny Marr and he'd be a fine choice. I think Nick Zinner [of Yeah Yeah Yeahs] would also be very good.

Do you recognise or remember faces in the crowds at your gigs? - @ sarahstonej333

Adam Clayton: Er... quite often. When you see people that are... good customers, you do get to recognise them.

Will we ever hear the Rick Rubin stuff? - @TuckerGilmore

Bono: We will do a record with Rick. He does a very particular thing, which is he gets you to the essence of what the group is about, strips everything away.

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