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If Jimi Hendrix came along now, he wouldn't get a deal. The companies would file him under Black and Confused and Out of Tune. -- Bono

U2 Set Lists: London, Oct. 23-24, 2018


U2 E+I tour logo with EU stars

The Experience + Innocence Tour made a stop in London for two shows. The set list didn’t change much; the main difference was the band played "Gloria" on Tuesday and "All Because Of You" tonight.

U2 recalled the beginning of their career in London. "It was when it all started," Bono said. "Just yesterday I ended up walking past a basement flat where the band stayed in 1980." He also recalled playing for an audience of 14 people and concluded saying to fans at the O2 Arena: "This is better."

Following Manchester, Bono talked again about Brexit: "No one wants you to leave. And that’s just the truth. For us it’s more than just a gold star falling off a blue flag. It’s a loss of shared dreams, shared strengths. Without you, we are less. Without you, the English, the Scottish, the Welsh, the Northern Irish, we are less."

At the first show, "13 (There Is A Light)" was dedicated to Eugene Peterson, who died Monday. Tonight, "One" was dedicated to Brian Eno, Daniel Lanois and Flood, and "Love Is Bigger Than Anything In Its Way" to Guy Oseary and his wife Michelle Alves, who are celebrating their first anniversary.

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Next: two shows in Belfast, on Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 27-28.