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"Maybe it's just the latitude and longitude of the places we're playing, but there has been an extraordinary amount of undergarments onstage."

-- Bono, 2001

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U2 Set List: St. Louis, May 4, 2018

@U2, May 04, 2018
By: Matt McGee


Actress Ashley Judd was the source of a couple spoilers Friday afternoon when she posted short videos on Instagram of U2 rehearsing "New Year's Day" and "Desire" during soundcheck. Sure enough, both songs made the set list for tonight's show in St. Louis. The former song is the notable addition to the set, with U2 dropping three other songs -- an early tweak just two shows into the tour, and almost certainly not the last time the band will tweak the set list. No matter about the spoilers -- Bono namechecked Judd during "Beautiful Day" (which happened a couple hours before she retweeted us).

Here's the full St. Louis set list.

If you were at the show, please use that link to post your review and/or photos from the show. Next up for U2 is the first two-night stand of the tour, which happens Monday and Tuesday in San Jose.

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