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U2 set list: Phoenix, September 19, 2017

@U2, September 19, 2017
By: Matt McGee


The Joshua Tree Tour 2017 returned Tuesday night to the city where the original Joshua Tree tour began and ended 30 years ago: Phoenix, Arizona. Tonight's show wasn't filled with anywhere near the drama of the tour opener 30 years ago, nor was U2 there to film a movie like they did when the tour ended back in 1987.

But one big change in the setlist was the return of "Miss Sarajevo" as the opening song of the encore -- the first time it's been played during the entire 3rd leg of this tour. Why? Turns out that Bill Carter, the man who made the original Miss Sarajevo documentary in the mid 1990s after connecting with U2 for live satellite video segments from Sarajevo during the Zoo TV tour, was at the show tonight. So consider "Miss Sarajevo"'s return a tip of the cap to him.

Here's the full Phoenix setlist. If you were at the show, please share your photos and a review with other fans.

Next up for U2? The final U.S. show of the tour -- Friday night in San Diego.

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