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"Someone wrote in a bathroom 'God is dead: Nietzche.' And someone wrote after that 'Nietzche is dead: God.' I love that."

-- Bono

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U2 Set List: Newark, June 29, 2018

@U2, June 29, 2018
By: Fernanda Bottini


Friday's concert was the only show of Experience + Innocence Tour in Newark. Bono described New Jersey as “hot as hell.”

The set list had no surprises. Tonight the band played “All Because Of You” instead of “Gloria”.

“It’s a wonderful time to be me,” said MacPhisto. “Lunatics on the left, lunatics on the right, lunatics of a whole different category putting children into cages.”

In conversation with Ali, Bono said his wife was not there tonight because she was at Springsteen concert. “It’s Bruce universe, we’re just fireflies in it.”

During “Pride” Bono said: “If there was a time to be awake in America, it’s right now. In times of trouble it’s always good to look on a preacher of Atlanta.”

Bono dedicated “One” to the journalists from Capital Gazette. A gunman entered the newsroom yesterday and killed five people in Maryland. “The foundation of our democracy. We need them,” he said about the journalism and the reporters. “The world needs more writers to help us understand each other.”

See full Newark set list.

Next: U2 will return to New York on July 1.

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