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"[I]n the early '80s . . . there was this rather ridiculous idea . . . that if it was big, it was bad. Which of course rules out Elvis."

-- Bono

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U2 Set List: New York City, July 1, 2018

@U2, July 01, 2018
By: Fernanda Bottini


U2 returned to New York City for the last of three shows at Madison Square Garden.

It was a remarkable night. “We played McGonagle’s in Dublin 29 times in our early days,” Bono said. “Tonight is the 30th time that we have played at Madison Square Garden. More than any other Hall.”

Leo Varadkar, Ireland’s Prime Minister/Taoiseach was at the show. And also more than 150 ambassadors were guests. Bono is helping Irish government’s campaign to have a seat on the UN Security Council in New York.

A lot of celebrities were at the show, such as Bruce Springsteen. “Patti Smith right in front of you,” during “Beautiful Day”. “One” was dedicated to Michael Stipe, from R.E.M. “Love Is Bigger Than Anything In Its Way” was dedicated to Salman Rushdie. And the whole show was dedicated to Steve Averill, from AMP Visual.

At the beginning of “Vertigo,” Bono said: “Any Spanish speakers across the border?” He also talked about the Families Belong Together March and, once again, about the victims of Capital Gazette.

During “You’re The Best Thing About Me,” Bono talked about how love has changed Adam. He mentioned Adam’s wife, Mariana, and said about his mate: “He used to be such a rock’n’roll animal. Can’t believe he’s changing diapers. He’s really good at it. Love is such a miracle.”

See full New York City 3 set list.

Next: Uncasville on July 3, the final show of North American leg.

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