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[W]e're all members of the Frisbeetarian Order. . . . We believe that when you die your soul goes up on a roof and you can't get it down. -- Bono

U2 Set List: Montreal, June 5, 2018


The Experience + Innocence tour made its first stop in Canada tonight at Bell Centre in Montreal. During "Beautiful Day," Bono calls out to members of Arcade Fire, who are in the audience, then snippets their song "Everything Now" during "Vertigo."

Mr. MacPhisto was especially wicked tonight, referencing his own comeback, "especially south of the border" in America.

Here's the full Montreal set list. If you were at the show, use that link to share your photos and/or review with other @U2 readers.

Next up: One more night in Canada tomorrow before heading back to the states for a show in Uniondale on Saturday.