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U2 Set List: Las Vegas, May 12, 2018

@U2, May 13, 2018
By: Matt McGee


U2 wrapped up its two-night stand in Las Vegas on Saturday night. They're continuing to tweak the show both musically and visually. The current events visuals that show during "Get Out Of Your Own Way" are now being shown on top of a patriotic, red-white-and-blue background. That addition was offset by the removal of the Kendrick Lamar animated visual sequence that plays in between "Get Out Of Your Own Way" and "American Soul." On the musical side, "Beautiful Day" was shifted a couple songs later than where it's been played at previous shows and the first set was one song shorter than normal. Last night's show, while still a healthy 25 songs, was the shortest of the tour so far.

See the full Las Vegas 2 set list here. If you were at the show, use that link to post your review and/or photos.

Next up is a pair of shows in Los Angeles on Tuesday and Wednesday.

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