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"So one of the reasons we invented this entity Passengers, is to allow U2 to be somebody else besides U2, I suppose."

-- Brian Eno

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U2 Set List: Las Vegas, May 11, 2018

@U2, May 11, 2018
By: Fernanda Bottini


The "U2 circus" arrived in Vegas. That was the band’s first official tour stop since the 360 tour, in 2009. In the city of entertainment, the first of two nights of Experience + Innocence tour was very similar to the latest shows. No debut songs tonight. The band played "Red Flag Day" and "Gloria" again.

“One” was dedicated to the victims of the mass shooting in Last Vegas, last year. "Thoughts and prayers are not enough," Bono said.

See the full Las Vegas 1 set list.

Next up is tomorrow, the second and final night in Vegas.

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August 21 2018

Bono and Ali's 36th Anniversary

Bono and Ali celebrate their 36th wedding anniversary today.

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