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"It's always heartfelt, but he will intuitively go for the thing that works." — Edge, on Bono's stage antics

U2 Says They Prefer Vision CD from 1981 Not Be Sold

A recording of a rare presentation Bono, the Edge, and Larry Mullen Jr., made in 1981 at a retreat for Christians in the music business is no longer for sale. Principle Management, U2's management company, has asked Dream Depot, which had been selling their U2's Vision CD for $25.95 since September 2005, to not circulate the CD.

Earlier this year, @U2 reported that Laurie Mellor, a director of Dream Depot, was making the 45-minute talk available to inspire young Christian musicians. Mellor had organized the 1981 event and invited the three band members of the then relatively unknown rock band to be guest speakers.

After waiting 25 years to distribute the recording, Mellor told @U2, "I now feel that the time is right for the CD to be listened to by Christians for its sheer inspirational value. I feel that what they had to say in 1981 is as fresh and relevant now as it was then."

The web site listing the CD, which has now been taken down, described the content of the presentation as being about "the spiritual roots of U2" and as containing Bono, the Edge and Mullen's "vision for the band."

Mellor said he received a call from Steve Matthews, Managing Director of Principle Management, in late August. "He contacted me after buying the CD from the web site and said that the band would prefer if it had not been made available for sale," Mellor said.

Mellor explained to Matthews that he had written to Paul McGuinness, U2's manager, to notify him that he was selling the CD. McGuinness never replied, Mellor said.

Mellor provided Matthews with a copy of the letter but he also stopped advertising the CD after he spoke with Matthews.

@U2's attempts to contact Matthews were unsuccessful.

"I said I would take it off the web site, although they didn't actually ask me to do this," Mellor said. "I wanted to demonstrate good faith and go the extra mile."

From the time Mellor listed the CD to the time he pulled it from Dream Depot's site around September 1, about one year in total, he estimates he sold 60 copies.

Now, with U2's Vision no longer for sale, Mellor wonders if he was "a little hasty to pull the CD...I still feel that people would find it inspiring."

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