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U2 releases another video for 'You're The Best Thing About Me'

@U2, October 05, 2017
By: Matt McGee


U2 has released yet another video for "You're The Best Thing About Me" -- by our count, it's the fourth video for the new single.

This one fits the theme of the lyrics more so than the "official" video that came out last week. Director Tatia Pilieva tells the story of four real-life couples dealing with separation -- high school sweethearts, a family of Syrian refugees, a newly-married military couple in the U.S. and a couple from Mexico City. Refinery 29 has a brief interview with Pilieva, who explains the inspiration behind the emotional video:

"I was interested in exploring people from different backgrounds, and different reasons for separation. All of that was quite tricky to figure out. And that's just to get to the moment of the separation happening. Then, once you meet the people, you fall in love with them, and you go through this emotional experience, it's quite heartbreaking. But at the same time it's uplifting in the sense that they love each other so you're witness to that kind of beauty."

U2 has already released a lyric video and the "official" video for "You're The Best Thing About Me," and Kygo released a video featuring his remix and soundbites with U2. And we still haven't seen any of the footage that U2 shot at its Amsterdam shows this summer.

Here's the newest video released today:

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